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Prediction 2: Open Source Campaign

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2 comments on “Prediction 2: Open Source Campaign

  1. James Jerreau
    May 26, 2007

    Might happen. My own principle of NOT voting for evil, lesser or no, has meant that I don’t vote nearly enough, but I just won’t vote for someone who violates most of my principles, period. This promises the possibility of candidates I might not only vote for, but actually SUPPORT.

    If I wanted to vote for evil, I’d write in Cthulhu.


  2. admin
    May 27, 2007

    In the 2006 elections, some judge running for the Ohio Supreme Court actually tried this. His campaign slogan was “No money from nobody”. He lost — handily I believe it was. And of course, the money pollution issue with judges is generally clear to most people — in contrast with the money pollution isues regarding standard politicians. I think only a minority of Americans “gets” the latter issue, even fewer America vote (or don’t vote) based on that issue (ie. “I won’t vote for the whore, and I won’t vote if they’re all whores”). I’m this prediction will come to pass if and only if some or most of the other predictions come true as well. ie. a general meltdown.


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