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Prediction 3: Left Meets Right

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2 comments on “Prediction 3: Left Meets Right

  1. James Jerreau
    May 26, 2007

    This already happens in rural areas here in the Northwest. Live in the woods too long, and people (including your close friends) whether you’re a hippie or a redneck. If America wakes up to the difference between conservatives and neocons, and liberals and progressives, I’d expect the shift to be pretty massive.


  2. admin
    May 27, 2007

    Interesting point James. I suspect “living in the woods” can be used as a metaphor for “people facing common challenges”. This dynamic tends to unite people, despite surface differences like “left vs. right” — whether the dynamic involves the people playing on the same sports team, living in rural America “off the land”, facing bird flu, etc.


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