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Super My Ass

Just posted my two podcasts on yesterday’s Superbowl:

    (59) the refs blatantly stole the game from one of the teams
    (60) like most everything in America today, this theft was consistent with “follow the money”

If you think my football analysis is off, check out what over 100,000 users of ESPN.com thought about the game.

What’s really interesting to me about this link above is that a couple of hours ago, ESPN.com featured this user poll on their front page. Two hours later, they’ve buried it in their site. From top story in sports, to buried under a website rubble, in only a couple of hours. Strange?

Perhaps not if you understand that ESPN is owned by ABC which is owned by Disney which has a large stake in the Superbowl and that, for other reasons, ESPN can’t afford to get on the shit list of the NFL.

p.s. Sorry again about the background traffic noise.

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