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On Crazy Shooters


“Crazy shooters” shoot their “own people”; militants, revolutionaries, and soldiers shoot “the other”.

Long version:

Last night, the live reports from the cops in Dallas were about multiple shooters. This was confidently reported by the media. Even now, 24 hours later, the Dallas police chief references “suspects” — in the plural.

But it seems that Micah X. Johnson acted alone, and was merely shooting from different levels of a parking garage, giving the impression of multiple shooters from multiple angles. In the chaos, the cops evidently felt the firing was coming from everywhere.

Now the difference between one shooter and multiple shooters is a mile wide and 80 fathoms deep. Multiple shooters means the perps are likely not crazy. I say “likely” remembering those D.C. snipers awhile back.

The reason I say “not likely” is that it seems remote that two different crazy people would agree on motivation, methodology, timing, target, tactics, etc. This is because each crazy person’s craziness is like a snowflake or a fingerprint — it’s unique to them.

So if there were multiple shooters last night, then hashtag Dallas would have been an epochal event in American history. It would have been the revivification of the Weathermen and the Black Panthers, both of which memes died way back in the “Sixties” (1970s to be exact).

In that case, #Dallas would have been the quintessential American violent “other shoe dropping” following the peaceful Occupy Wall Street movement a few years ago.

But #Dallas wasn’t that. Instead, it was yet another “crazy, lone, active shooter” situation. A situation we’ve seen in the news regularly since about 1990.

This situation has taken two main forms: (1) “going postal” (shooting your co-employees), and (2) “school shooters” (shooting your classmates).

In almost every case, the shooter is described as a quiet, relatively shy dude by the people who survive him. Always male.

SSRIstories.org has showed, up until about 2011, that most if not all these crazy shooters were on SSRIs or had stopped taking them.

In the past year, this dynamic has morphed to merge with two new dynamics: “Islamic terrorism”, and, yesterday, “Black Lives Matter”.

The San Bernardino shooting last year was labeled as “Islamic terrorism” by the media, Trump, and others. But the shooter shot up his co-workers at a party that they were having. To me this was about “going postal”.

That the shooter was Muslim and made hand-waving gestures about ISIS was more than enough for people to say this was about “Islamic terrorism”.

Same with the recent Orlando gay club shooter. Look, the dude was a clear self-denying gay blade. It took him “about 10 visits” to the gay club just to scope it out for his shooting? Yeah, sounds reasonable to me.

To me, he’s interesting because he seems to the first self-hating, self-denying gay shooter who shot his gay colleagues. Or at least he shot enough of them to justify the lead CNN story for a few days.

But that’s not the media classification of the Orlando shooter. Nope to them, and to Trump (and not rebutted by Hillary or Barry), the shooting was about “Islamic terrorism”.

Here’s a simple test for you to sift between the crazy shooters, on the one hand, and the militant, revolutionary, and soldier shooters: the former shoot their “own people”; the latter shoot “the other people”.

25-year-old Micah X. Johnson joined the military out of high school, and his short 7 year post-high school “working” life was about being an American soldier.

Modern-day cops are paramilitary forces. Case in point: they negotiated with Johnson for an hour last night after they cornered him in a parking garage. When they got tired of listening to this crazy mofo, do you know how they killed him? They programmed a robot with an explosive on its “arm” to move close to Johnson and blow up the crazy fucker.

Do you have such a robot in your garage? No, I didn’t think so. You know who does? The military does, dude.

Who was Johnson shooting last night? His “own people”.

That is, Johnson had far more in common with his victims last night than you or I ever did.

To me, #Dallas is about “going postal” — with a little “Black Lives Matter” sprinkled over it just to spice it up and confuse the masses.

I am mystified, and very curious, to see the long-term fallout of these last few crazy shooter shootings. Will Trump’s poll numbers rise as the these “spicy” loner shootings happen?

Or will these new wrinkles on the shy, quiet active shooter dynamic finally blow a hole in the blanket covering media reporting on the connection between SSRIs and these insane events?

Given the average intelligence of we Americans, I’d bet the former.

Go Trump! Make America great again … and set California free.

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