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I Voted for Donald Trump


I voted for Donald Trump today. Not a surprise to some of you who have been reading my blog posts.

For those of you who haven’t, here’s an allegory of my vote for Trump today:

I’m like an anti-Nazi guy living in Western Poland in the 1930s, in the region just east of the River Oder. In the 1930s, my region is legally part of Germany. But I feel Polish. And I realize that the only way for my people to become free is to vote for Hitler, see him elected, hope he becomes a super-nasty dictator, driving the world over a cliff, with one upshot being the liberation of Western Poland. Voila! See you in Wrocław in the Springtime.

In other words, I voted for Donald Trump because I’m a California secessionist and, to my Canadian-raised ears, he sure sounds like the American Hitler. (BTW — Did you read about Trump’s brownshirts in Kansas who were arrested over the weekend just as they were about to massacre their Somali neighbors?)

Well, “California secession” sounds pretty grand. But I’ll confess that the fewer then 10 people with whom I’ve discussed this idea over the past year or so think the idea is nuts. Hopefully, they’re granting me a mulligan on this one.

Anyway, on to my other votes:

  • Kamala Harris for Senate, and Richard Fox for Congress, because both seem more “anti-establishment” (in the words of Robert Reich) than their opponents
  • State and local positions … didn’t vote (see my notes on Prop 54 below)

As for the California props, I voted 12 Yes, and 5 No. But the interesting part is the “what?” and “why?” of my votes.

Check out this Ballotpedia page for the California props. Notice that there are three props for which the “for” or “against” side spent at least $56 million. Except for props 55 (tax the rich) and 64 (legalize ganga), no prop attracted over $11 million in advertising funds, and most attracted much, much less.

So the $56M, $60M, and $86M figures jump out on that page. Who can afford that kind of money? Better stated, “what” can afford that kind of money?

You guessed it: big corporations:

  • the health insurance industry has spent $56M to pass prop 52
  • the tobacco industry has spent $60M to defeat prop 56
  • the pharmaceutical industry has spent $86M to defeat prop 61

If you’ve read my blog, you can guess that I voted “no” on 52, and “yes” on 56 and 61. Why? Well, whatever the Big Corporations want or fear, I’ll take the opposite, thank you very much.

Another interesting prop is 54: “Public Display of Legislative Bills Prior to Vote”. Basically, some Republican in the state legislature is calling for Internet posting of all bills prior to vote (to allow public viewing and discussion).

In the 21st century, this sounds like a “duh”, no-brainer “yes” vote, right? Sure enough, Ballotpedia shows $10M “for”, $0 “against”.

But scroll down the page for the opposition to prop 54 and what do we see? We see “The California Democratic Party”. That’s right. The majority California state Democrats want to keep doing their business in (effective) secrecy. Why?

I don’t know but I can guess why (see, e.g., corruption). (Hence why I abstained from the state and local elections. i.e. Dems are corrupt, Republicans are reactionaries.)

That leaves the props I voted “no” on because I didn’t feel props are the right forum for these issues: prop 53 (some insider battle between developers), prop 60 (condoms for porno).

Of course I voted “yes” on prop 64 (legalize weed). You may have read prior blog posts of mine on this subject.

As for the rest of my voting pattern on school bonds (51, yup), tax the rich (55, yup), parole and rehab (57, yup), pro-multilingual (58, yup), anti-Citizens United (59, yup), ban death penalty (62 yup and 66 no), gun regulation (63, yup), ban plastic bags (65 nope and 67 yup), I voted like any person would who was raised in Canada.

I’m surprised that along with the Muslims and the Mexicans, Trump didn’t lump in us lefty Canucks.

4 comments on “I Voted for Donald Trump

  1. Kathy Graham
    October 19, 2016

    Ugh!!!! Voting for Trump. How very un-Canadian of you.

    A vote, (many votes actually), for Hitler, resulted in the mass extermination and torture of 11 million people. Generations are still healing from that atrocity. And what good came of it? And if any good came of it, – was it worth it? How much is a life worth?

    I cringe at a possible Trump presidency. What fallout would occur for the American people? I would be scared for the American people with this type of leader.

    With a Trump presidency, the rich would become richer, the poor would have no healthcare, women would be objectified in unprecedented ways, minorities would be further ostracized in an already present volatile racial climate, etc., etc. Either a civil war would ensue (many more deaths), or The Donald would be assassinated. This would not end well for anyone.

    Your idea of secession is off the wall. Sure, it is idealistic and pie-in-the-sky thinking, but it ain’t never ever going to happen. You have the most liberal-minded people on both sides of the American coast, and all of the rednecks in the middle. How would that split ever occur? Washington DC is never going to let go of California. And I can’t imagine California/Oregon/Washington state ever wanting to let go of the benefits they receive from the north eastern states, especially the place of the national government.

    Nope. Not going to happen. And when it doesn’t, and with Trump possibly in power, bad things would happen. Very bad things. But it isn’t looking good for him, thank God – unless a tidal wave of people vote libertarian or green because they are so disgusted with this election, then that could change things up.

    Bernie Sanders was the only wise choice there ever was. Too bad truth and viability didn’t correlate this November 8th.

    If the unthinkable does happen, like I said before, you and your family always have a place up here with us in the peaceful beauty of northern Canada.


    • peter
      October 19, 2016

      Thanks Kathy. Yeah, I suppose if someone foresaw the Holocaust before it happened, no right thinking person would have voted for it even if it did result in the liberation of western Poland, not to mention the birth of Israel. Kind of like how it took the Warriors losing the Finals in order to land Kevin Durant. Well, maybe not so much like that … 🙂


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