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Over four years ago, I published my first California Rising post: Dreaming of Coastal America. That post announced my new political position: “California secession”.

Over the past four years, I’ve discussed this idea with maybe 10-20 people — ranging from my young daughter to an old friend who is now a federal judge. Most of them laughed at the idea, and almost everyone concluded with: “Peter, you’re crazy if you think that would ever happen.”

In October, once it was looking like Hillary was a shoo-in for President, I finally came around to dropping this “crazy” idea. I even posted a new political position: Hillary as Lyndon Johnson. That was the best I could do to feel good about impending President Hillary.

But on Nov. 8, like most Americans, I was shocked, shocked, shocked. Yeah, I Voted for Donald Trump. But I must confess that, back in October, when my pen was checking that name on my mail-in ballot, I felt hesitation — a creepy feeling was sitting in my gut. I swallowed the feeling, and did what I’d been saying I would do ever since the guy declared.

Why did I vote for him? I did so because I saw and still see Mr. Trump as the best possible person to further my political dream: a free California.

Well, the day after Trump won, guess what? Turns out that even if, prior to the election, I was a lone, crazy, blogger living in the woods of California, post-election I’ve been upgraded to lone, crazy, blogger living in the woods of California.

Here’s a few articles my sister and brother-in-law (Canadians, both) sent me after Trump’s win:

Reading the comments on the CNN stories, clearly many people think the idea is a crazy impossibility.

But hey, the meme is growing.

I’m no political activist. That is, I don’t see myself signing up to join any secession orgs anytime soon, or march in any protests, or pretty much do anything about this idea other than blog.

But blog I will. The YesCalifornia page presents “THE CASE FOR INDEPENDENCE IN 9 SIMPLE POINTS “. While I generally agree with all 9 points, I don’t see them as compelling enough for such a radical political outcome. To me, they’re the “icing on the cake” — if and when the secession happens.

To me, the cake is about irreconcilable differences between California and East of the Rockies America, differences that I believe may become absolutely intolerable to most of us living in the West during Mr. Trump’s first term.

This is what I’ll be writing about next.


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