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Secession: Conflict of Laws


In my mind, Donald Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General raised the odds of California secession from “speculative” to “even odds”. The core principle here at work is that federal law trumps state law. That legal principle, combined with the politics of Mr. Sessions, foretells a combustible first term for Mr. Trump.

The Politico article “7 big areas where Jeff Sessions could change policy at DOJ” explains that the values of Mr. Sessions and those of California conflict on many fronts. The one that I’ll discuss here is marijuana.

California just legalized marijuana for recreational use. Mr. Sessions opposes legalization of marijuana even for health purposes, never mind recreation. Federal marijuana law supports Mr. Sessions’ view.

Except for the very beginning and the very end of Mr. Obama’s 8-year term, his administration was virulently anti-marijuana. Mr. Obama’s Justice Department persecuted medical marijuana distributors in California for most of his presidency.

Only an act of Congress stopped him from doing so. Google these little known facts for yourself.

The reason I raise them here is that for Mr. Sessions to go to war with California on marijuana will constitute only a slight shift from what the Obama DOJ did.

This is the problem with “Stockholm Syndrome” leftists like Obama. He and his people evidently thought they would look good in history governing as “right-wing light”. Instead, the extreme right, embodied by Mr. Sessions, will now say: “”We’re just being more diligent and efficient than that lame Obama DOJ”.

How will Session’s DOJ be “more efficient”? I don’t know. But I’m guessing that, facing resistance, Sessions will ultimately call out the National Guard to raid California marijuana dispensaries, resulting in one or more massacres.

To explain this guess, I start with some “wishful thinking”. Consider the article “Even Jeff Sessions can’t stop the marijuana train“. That article argues that the momentum to legalize marijuana is so strong in the nation that even anti-ganga Sessions won’t be able to stop it.

The article was written by:

Adam Bierman, chief executive officer and co-founder of MedMen, a Los Angeles-based firm that offers turnkey services for cannabis license holders and makes strategic investments in key cannabis markets across the U.S. and Canada. He is a longtime supporter of Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), helping launch the Pledge 4 Growth campaign with the advocacy group in 2015.

To Mr. Bierman, I say: “Read Howard Zinn’s ‘A People’s History of the United States'”. That book explains that, going back to Columbus, American history can be seen as a series of persecutions of the dispossessed by the oligarchs and reactionaries. The mechanism of persecution is a three-stage progressive assault beginning with local police, followed by the militia (National Guard) when the local police fail, and finally ended by the military who are brought in after the militia fails.

I foresee the Trump years as a modern-day re-enactment of Zinn’s American history, with Sessions as the driving force. First the local cops will have difficulty helping Sessions in California because the new California prop prohibits local police from helping the feds on marijuana enforcement.

So Sessions will turn to the National Guard, since the other federal police forces are not equipped for the type of major actions that will be needed in California to “enforce the law”.

I repeat that these prospective violent “executive” actions of Mr. Sessions will be fully in compliance with federal law.

If these things come to pass, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a repeat of Sixties-type tragedies (e.g. Kent State), but on a much bigger scale, and video-recorded and posted on YouTube for all to see.

What happens after that, methinks, is a secession movement taking root in California.

Hopefully these thoughts are nothing but fanciful ideas — the product of an over-active imagination.

My hope would be stronger if I wasn’t able to tell the same prospective story on:

  • illegal immigrant sanctuaries in California
  • Muslims in California
  • fracking bans in California
  • #BlackLivesMatter in California

But I could.


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