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All But the Yukon


I was reading some news tonight about Mr. Trump’s administration appointments coming from the fossil fuel interests, and how that might imperil the environment. So I Googled “california epa” to see if anybody was talking about California starting its own world leading EPA, given that Trump’s EPA will soon be flushed down the toilet.

Lo and behold, California already has its own EPA! What’s more, the golden state is leading the world on reducing emissions via a world-wide program that California started called “Under2“.

The right half of the image for this post is from the “Coalition” page of Under2. That page shows a map of the world indicating the “165 jurisdictions representing 33 countries and six continents” that are signatories to Under2.

I cropped the right half image to show the North American Pacific coast jurisdictions from that map. It goes without saying that you have to venture all the way to the northeast of the USA to find any other US states that joined.

The moment I looked at that map, I gasped at the portion that forms the right half of the image. “That’s my map!”, I shouted.

That is, way back when there was still a dim hope for Obama, I called for a new world-leading state to emerge that comprises “the Yukon to Baja”, with California as the leading light.

The Pacific coastal portion of the Under2 coalition map is my map (save for swapping out the Yukon with the Canadian Northwest Territories).

Moreover, given that my map dates back to August 2012, whereas Under2 started only in 2015, I’m calling dibs on this map. 🙂

p.s. “Austin City” from the US is a signatory to Under2. My seminal secession blog post linked to above said: “But hey, we’re going to have do a Berlin-like airlift of Austin, Texas anyway”.

p.p.s. This is the first of one or more “victory lap” political posts toward the end of this year before I retire as a political blogger as of 2017.

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This entry was posted on December 18, 2016 by in California Rising, politics.



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