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Nothing to See Here Move Along

So why am I resuming political blogging now — after a hiatus of almost 2 years? In a word: “mirage”. That is, the election of Herr Trump in November 2016 — so scary at the time — looks more and more like a mere mirage these days.

In the December 2016 post I Was Right (Oh My), I explain my reasons for quitting political blogging. One sentence from that post encapsulates my reasons back then, and also why I  now see these thoughts as a mere mirage two years later. Back then I wrote: “I fully expect the Corporatists, led by Attorney General Sessions[, to] resort to violence against the People.”

As it turns out, my expectation was … wait for it …. WRONG. Yay!!!!

Almost two years ago, at the end of 2016, the names Bannon, Sessions, Miller, Spencer, and so on, looked quite scary. I mean, America has always had crazy people. But crazy people winning ultimate political power?

But in the hindsight of two years, it seems clear to me that Herr Trump is so DSM-worthy insane that he can’t even help himself from firing or neutering these scary people, leaving him politically impotent.

These are strong words. I’ll back them up with two articles that I read today that finally pushed me out of my self-imposed political silence. The first is from FiveThirtyEight; the second, the New York Times.

The image of this post comes from the first article, Forecasting the race for the House:


As you can see, the chart shows the swings in power between Democrats and Republicans in the House, every two years, over the past 100 years.

The chart shows that the country is “mostly” Democratic. That is, in over 2/3 of these last 50 legislative sessions, Democrats were in the majority.

The chart also shows that the degree of the Democratic majority has been much greater than that of Republicans.

If it feels to you that the country has swung hard to the right since the “Contract with America” in 1994, this chart supports that feeling. That is, since 1994, Red has dominated Blue in terms of who has the majority.

But just look at those pithy margins. Republicans hold their majorities by the skin of their teeth. When Democrats hold the power, they hold it with ease.

So I say that the past 24 years of Republican “dominance”, culminating in the election of Herr Trump, is nothing but a scary mirage.

Because in 2018, the chart above is growing another blue dot well to the left of zero.

Why do I say that? I say it because Herr Trump has woken the sleeping progressive giant that is America.

Which brings me to the second article I read this morning: 13 faces That Tell the Story of 2018:

I’ve been reading stories like this for the last two years. Look at the faces of the six people above. What do you see?

In terms of sentiment, I’ll say “confidence” and maybe even “swagger”.

In terms of “isms”, I’ll say four women, one African American, one Latino, and one Asian.

Back to my post of December 2016:

So if the authors [Strauss and Howe, in The Fourth Turning] were right that America is currently facing an existential crisis, the period of time to look at to understand the nature of this coming crisis is the “Sixties”. Specifically, we needed to look at a movement that rose and flowered in the Sixties, but was beaten back into submission by the time of Reagan.

Some of you might read the above and say that the Sixties were about the liberation of women and minorities. Sure enough, those six faces promise a sea change in American politics. Maybe the 2018 Congress will truly be the first to deliver on the revolutionary optimism of the Sixties.

Yeah, I can see that. But don’t sleep on the following sentence from that New York Times piece:

In New Jersey’s Third District, Andy Kim, 36, has trumpeted that he’s outraising the Republican incumbent despite his pledge of no corporate PAC money. That’s a promise that a majority of first-time candidates in the Democratic Party have apparently made. [emphasis added]

The modern Democrat is anti-corporate.

The Republican Party is the political incarnation of Big Corporations.

The Supreme Court that they have appointed are the lapdogs of the Big Corporations.

The battle for the soul of America begins on November 6.

Which side are you on?

2 comments on “Nothing to See Here Move Along

  1. hikerinparadise
    September 3, 2018

    Where were the modern anti-corporate Democrats when Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary? She was the epitome of the old school corporate Democratic machine. Times are changing and I am on the edge of my seat to see who the next leader of the Democratic party will be in 2020. Will it be another old-school corporate Democrat, or a new modern anti-corporate?


    • peter
      September 4, 2018

      Thanks. Yeah, you hit the nail on the head. The schism in the Democrats is between corrupt centrists and modern progressives. It’s not open warfare (yet). That war will likely spill out into the open once the leadership vote is taken after the Dems take back the House. Centrists will back Pelosi. I suspect the progressives will oppose her. This dynamic is analogous to the Tea Party vs Establishment divide within the Republicans. Difference is that the Dem progressives are “nice” whereas the Tea Party folks are [expletive deleted].


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