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The 2018 Midterms are a Crossroads


In the last two posts, I’ve highlighted my belief that the coming 2018 midterm elections will be the most important election of any kind in memory.

Was just reading about Beto O’Rourke (he’s running for Senate in Texas). Here is a quote from him yesterday:

“This moment, and our response to it [in the 2018 midterm elections], will define us forever — I’m convinced of it,” O’Rourke said.

Guess I’m not the only one who was thinking that.

Here’s my reasoning: The election of Trump in 2016 was like a drunken one-night stand for the nation. Our judgment was questionable, and in the dim hazy light of that November night, the nation thought: “What the hell. He doesn’t look that bad. Let’s try something new. What could go wrong?”

Well, we’ve got two years of seeing what’s gone wrong. Yeah, it’s true, Trump ran on white supremacy, misogyny talking points. But hell, Obama ran like an FDR progressive, yet he governed within a standard deviation of “George Bush the Younger”.

“Surely,” the nation was thinking in late 2016, “Trump will track back to the middle once he takes office …”.


It’s one thing to vote for a bombastic, bragging TV star with no political track record. It’s quite another to vote for Trumpism after two years of his “governance”.

In November 2016, Trump was the devil we didn’t know. In the coming November, Trump is the devil we all know too well.

If this nation votes for the proxies of the devil (BTW, I’m religiously agnostic) this coming November, well then …

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This entry was posted on September 4, 2018 by in politics.



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