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There Is No Political Center


In the comments on the previous post, I mentioned the divide within the Democratic Party between “centrists” and “progressives”.

In my opinion, in 2018, the concept of political “centrism” is incoherent in America. Off the top of my head, consider the following burning socio-political issues of our day:

I believe that in 2018, there is no rational middle ground between the two poles on any of these issues. This is because each side of the divide includes a moral stance with strong normative value (i.e. “we are good and they are bad“).

This helps explain why Hillary lost in 2016. She was and is a died-in-the wool centrist. Centrism demotivates Blue voters. One of the biggest, if not biggest, reasons why Hillary lost in 2016 was low Blue turnout.

Funny thing about Obama is that although he ran as a strong progressive, he governed as a pure centrist. And, to my knowledge, he never apologized for his centrism (e.g. Afghan war, Guantanamo, cannabis as Schedule 1, the prison-industrial complex marches on, giving up on the ACA “pubic option”, etc.).

So in hindsight, the true difference between Obama and Hillary (beyond the surface charm of the former and the dull demeanor of the latter) is that Obama was a political hypocrite whereas “crooked” Hillary was actually the honest one. She ran a like centrist, and every indication is that she would have governed like one.

The divides on the issues above can be boiled down to the following over-arching contest:

progress vs. #MAGA

On November 6, either we as a nation move forward (i.e. progress), or we move even further back (#MAGA) … maybe even so far back to when there was no nation at all.

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