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#MeToo Perps and Serial Murderers


Dunno if that’s a clickbait title. But if so, let’s get it on! With the news of this week including “Down goes Moonves!” and “Don’t let door hit you on the way out, Fager,” some peculiar thoughts come to mind.

Specifically, thoughts regarding a parallel between serial murderers like Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway, and Dennis Rader, on the one hand, and #MeToo perps like Weinstein, Rose, and Lauer, on the other.

Before I introduce the connection, let me be clear that I’m not saying that the #MeToo guys have serial murderer sentiment. They’re not that bad (with the possible exception of Weinstein).

No. What I’m looking at here is the age of these men, and their respective motivations. First, considering age, the vast majority of these men were in their teens or twenties between 1965 and 1979. Second, on motivation, both groups appear to share a sentiment of misogyny, with degree of this sentiment being the defining difference between the two groups.

What is the importance of 1965-1979 to this idea? Sexual revolution of females, baby. Prior to 1965, in America, agency of the female body resided mostly within the control of men. By 1980, that control had shifted to the women, at least more than 50%. We’re still fighting over the last few percentage points today (see, e.g., Kavanaugh).

What is the importance of being a young male in 1965-1979? Well, for one thing, testosterone in males peaks around age 18. So for these men, around the peak of their sexual awakening, they looked around society and saw the formerly “modest” girls “experimenting with sexual freedom”.

With the serial murderers, I suspect an animating feature is “rage against whoring mother” in this time of social upheaval. What’s interesting about serial murderers is that we don’t hear about them anymore. That’s because there aren’t many of them left, and their numbers are continuing to diminish. See my Quora post going into more detail on this point.

With the #MeToo perps, I suspect an animating feature is “the nerd boy who ‘didn’t get lucky’ back during the swinging times, and who figured that it was ‘their time for booty’ when they grew up to rule the world”. Why do many of these #MeToo stories date back to the 1980s? I believe it’s because these #MeToo perps were in their 30s and 40s during that decade, and in their first positions of power over women.

So to sum, I suspect that the same social revolution (1965-79) informs sexual serial murder and #MeToo perping. But serial murder is long over and done with. And #MeToo perping is coming to an end soon too.

The latter follows from my hypothesis. Specifically, #MeToo perping is about the males who came of age during the sexual revolution. Males who did so after the revolution broke through (starting in the 1980s, with AIDs and Nancy Reagan’s “just say no”) are now in their mid-50s.

IMHO, and for the greatest part, those younger males, and the ones who came after, don’t hold this #MeToo perp worldview of women.

But isn’t it interesting that all of #MeToo is only about a year old. Our society has been drinking from a #MeToo firehose for the past year (thank you Ronan!). If serial murder ever reached that peak, there would have one of those creeps on every corner of every street in America.

Why has #MeToo come at us like national vomit? Ingestion of Herr Trump, I believe …

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