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Weaponizing the Blue Wave


Watched much of the Blasey Ford vs. Kavanaugh epic throw-down yesterday. The story melted the news. All top ten “trending” stories on the New York Times website were about this meltdown yesterday — very unusual.

I hope the Senate votes to confirm Kavanaugh, and does so very soon. Reason: This will almost certainly guarantee a major Blue tidal wave in November, possibly also sweeping in the Senate, not just the House.

Why do I say that? It’s because of a story I heard on NPR this morning. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who listened in yesterday, who found Blasey Ford to be an honest, intelligent, kind and sympathetic figure, and Kavanaugh to be a petty liar (re his yearbook page, whether he watched the testimony of Blasey Ford, etc.), a jerk, and almost certainly a perp.

Turns out that millions of women watched too, many of whom had been the victim of sexual assault themselves, at some point of their lives. The NPR story posited that the proceedings yesterday served to cause these women to “relive” their traumas, bringing up to consciousness the helpless fear they felt during the assault — no matter how long ago it occurred.

As if on cue, the very first caller to the show was a middle aged mom who said she had been sexually assaulted by a basketball player boy when she was 14 and they were both students at an elite New England prep school. She said he went on to play basketball at Princeton that was “nice for him”.

She said that the proceedings yesterday served to bring back all of her terrified emotions from that terrible day when she was 14. Her thoughts turned to her own daughter, now 14. In her reawakened terror, she worried about the world her daughter was now entering as a sexual target for predatory boys.

Now that’s a passionate November midterm voter for you. Not only her, but her circle of friends and family who she almost certainly will implore to vote.

Look, the progressive giant that is America was already “woke” for the November midterms.

But this kick in the pants that is the poisoned Kavanaugh confirmation should be plenty enough to wipe away any residual lethargy in this giant. I mean after 2 years of Herr Trump’s outrageous Twitter postings, we’re now bored of it. We needed a swift kick in our collective behind.

Confirming the perp Kavanaugh is just what we progressives need.

“Thanks! We needed that.”

6 comments on “Weaponizing the Blue Wave

  1. hikerinparadise
    September 28, 2018

    I have also been riveted these last 2 days watching this Senate Judiciary hearing, (riveted would be an understatement).

    Even though you paint a positive slant on the ridiculous decision of Kavanaugh most likely being confirmed in a week (- the FBI “investigation” is only a superficial face-saver to show that “due diligence” has actually been done -), I believe that there is no guarantee of a good outcome for America.

    How plausible is it that the Senate and House will turn blue? A little bit? A lot? Who knows? And even if it does, with a Supreme Court heavily leaning to conservatism and the corporate world, how will a blue Senate and House make a difference? Roe vs wade? The president and politics above the supreme court? Corporate America even further dominating American life?

    Maybe that’s the pessimist in me. A few weeks ago I was hiking with the weekly regulars, some of whom are originally from the US but are now landed Canadian immigrants. I told them that I was very hopefully for America in 50 years. I said I wished that I would be around for those years because the old geezers will have died off and the Millennials will be running things with their open-minded and inclusive policies.

    But I’m not hopeful anymore. America is so dysfunctionally divided that I don’t think there is any going back. I can’t see how healing can take place.

    The old geezers are teaching their kids who are teaching their kids, who are learning fake truths, who believe that lying is okay, who are divisive, and prejudiced. How else did Trump get elected? how else will Kavanaugh be nominated to highest court in the country?

    When Senator Graham said he is going to tell Kavanaugh’s girls how good of a person their father is, I think, shit, there will be no end to generational lying.

    For the record, I do not believe Kavanaugh is a perp. I do believe he is a good man who has done lots of great things and has respected women for decades. I also believe he sexually assaulted Dr. Ford as a teenager while being completely plastered and doesn’t recall the event because he was so inebriated. So I don’t think he is actually lying about not having sexually assaulted Dr. Ford because he was too drunk to remember. However, I do believe he is lying about not having blacked out during alcoholic binges and drinking to excess. And I believe in this crazy judiciary chess game, there is no way he could have admitted to drinking to excess, because it would have been an open door for the committee to doubt his sexual assault denial. That’s why he was so forceful, belligerent and rude to the Democratic senators who were asking him about his drinking.

    Anyway, after these last 2 days, I have little hope for America and I’m glad I won’t be around in 50 years to see the mess the old geezers are trail blazing for the generations behind them.

    I hope I’m wrong. But these are not good times in America.

    And with an unavoidable future economic recession (or depression) that is inevitably coming (because we are in the craziest bubble in history), if the crash happens during a reigning Democratic president, that divide won’t just be blue and red. There will be a 30 foot wall between those colours; and I don’t think that Mexico will be paying for that one either.



    • peter
      September 28, 2018

      Epic comment. Thanks! I agree that Judge K was so drunk he doesn’t remember and the reasons for his lying about so drunk in his youth.

      Dems are taking at least the House which means no legislation in the next 2 years, multiple House-driven investigations, and likely an epic government budgetary shutdown.

      That could collapse the market for the rest of Trump’s term meaning that when Dems take over the whole government in January 2021, they’ll be like FDR taking over in 1933 — long into the Depression, which gave him a mandate for radical change.


  2. hikerinparadise
    September 28, 2018

    I saw Kavanaugh questioned yesterday at the hearings, and also in this clip a little while ago. Does this guy ever answer a question directly? His answers, when he doesn’t want to answer (which is often), is a non answer. How can someone like that sit on the Supreme Court? And what makes me a tad nervous, is after listening to Kamala Harris question him, I wonder if he has slight White Supremacist leanings, or is he trying to not rock any boats and be loyal to the President who nominated him?



    • peter
      September 29, 2018

      Here’s a funny story: In 1991-92 I clerked for a judge in the 9th Circuit in Pasadena, CA. The courthouse was an old restored hotel looking over a ravine. Beautiful setting. On the same floor was my judge and a number of other 9th Circuit judges. We three clerks of our judge socialized with the similarly laid back, friendly, intelligent clerks of the other judges …. with one exception. That exception was Judge Kozinski and his asshole male clerks. They dressed in suits and ties — the only clerks in the building who did — and had an asshole air of entitlement about them. Guess who one of those Kozinski dick clerks was? (I just found this this week reading his bio): Judge Kavanaugh!


  3. hikerinparadise
    September 28, 2018

    I am unable to directly respond to your response, so this is the only way I can do it.

    I am responding to your FDR comment and the depression in the 30s. I agree. The best hope for America, IMHO, (as depressing as it sounds), is what you said. Huge economic collapse under Trump, and Democrats step in a few years later to clean up the mess and be “heroes”. That’s why I’m hoping Trump doesn’t get impeached like my American-Canadian hiking cohorts are praying for (and they are atheists). If Mike Pence steps in, and the economy crashes, the people who elected Trump will say it’s because Trump is not leading the country and they have to get someone else like him running the country again. I’m praying (and I’m an agnostic believer), is that Trump finishes his term, doesn’t get impeached, and doesn’t get assassinated (which of course, I would want for no one). I



    • peter
      September 29, 2018

      Ha. We see it same way. I’ve been telling friends, the Dems have to prop up Trump like a stuffed doll throughout 2019-20. Trump has been and will continue the best gift the Dems ever received in a number of generations. A real, live, huffing and puffing boogeyman, bringing the same out of people like Judge K and Lindsey Graham. Digging their own political grave for many years to come.


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