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Lovin Me Some AOC

Wow. Just wow. Can’t get enough of AOC. In a matter of weeks, she has Trumped the media, and completed a hostile  sweet takeover of the Dems. She is the personification of “anti-corporate”. Fox News (Big Corp’s propaganda tool) is so horrified, they can’t help themselves from magnifying her anti-corporate message, which she delivers in bite-sized tweets, with the nation lapping it up.

Some context on my enthusiasm:

Sixteen years ago (in 2003), I launched this blog, calling it “Duck! and Gather” — the idea being that a People vs. Corporations “war” was imminent, and we People needed to prepare for it, taking cover.

Thirteen years ago (in 2006), for a minute, it looked to me like Obama might be THAT guy. Turned out he wasn’t.

Eight years ago (in 2011), for a minute, it looked to me like Occupy Wall Street might be THAT movement. Turned out it wasn’t.

Seven years ago (in 2012), it started looking to me that maybe, just maybe, the Corporations had already won, leaving us People defeated, which led to me calling for California secession.

And three years ago (in 2016), that thought led me to casting a toxic vote serving as a symbolic act calling for California secession.

Two years ago (in 2017), when the asshole appointed Bannon as his “strategy guy”, I stopped political blogging altogether. At that moment, I thought it was ON.

Turned out it wasn’t.

So there I was these past two years, wondering where all of this was going. Were we People serfs of the Corporations? Or was there still some glimmer of revolution in our dreams?

Turns out, it just might be the latter. And those dreams are taking the form of tweets from a 29-year-old newly minted member of Congress.

I don’t follow her on Twitter (too many tweets!!). But I do follow the 20-something executive director of the organization that looked for, discovered and promoted AOC from the beginning.

What an amazing time for this country. Just when I was starting to think that America was all but dead, these beautiful children emerged to prove me wrong, yet again. And I couldn’t be happier for this country, for my friends and my family, and for myself.

Personally speaking, I have no religion. But there are times when analysis falls short in capturing the zeitgeist. And this is one of those moments:

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, [Did you read Bannon’s comments on AOC in Politico?!]
The leopard shall lie down with the young goat, [Ha! Ha! Fox News!!]
The calf and the young lion and the fatling together; [Tlaib, Ayanna, Ro, and Omar!!]
And a little child shall lead them. [Did you see the title Moore bestowed on AOC?!]

3 comments on “Lovin Me Some AOC

  1. Matt
    February 3, 2019
    • peter
      February 3, 2019

      Thanks for the comment Matt. Yeah, I get the surveillance stuff. But where is the legal compulsion vs. mere insidious persuasion? I think the former is AOC’s talking points. e.g. “Medicare for all”. Today, “health care” is a mortal threat to most Americans (i.e. choose rent vs treatment). Progressives ain’t taking no for an answer this time on the “public option”. But Google thinking I’m interested in the stuff that I’ve been Googling — meh, who cares?


    • peter
      February 9, 2019

      BTW — I was thinking more on “Google thinking I’m interested in the stuff that I’ve been Googling”. As you astutely pointed out in my next post, I’m (politically) “smitten” with AOC. Rest assured, I’ve been Googling the crap out of “AOC” these past few weeks.

      So what ads is Google going to push my way? Big Pharma ads, since AOC is showing the moral depravity of these companies?

      Big Oil ads because AOC is showing how Big Oil has corrupted our entire political state?

      What the heck would a sentiment-relevant AOC-related ad look like? A woman’s skin cream ad?

      (Yeah, I admit I did read some article about AOC’s 6-layer approach to skin care — leave it to my political infatuation to read stuff I never would have touched with a ten-foot pole in my previous 55 years :)).


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