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Look on the Bright Side of AOC

From the time she slew Joe Crowley in June 2018, until this Politico article yesterday — a time span of only 22 months — AOC was by far the best thing to happen in American politics in more than a generation, IMHO.

What an amazingly artful truth speaker she was. I began blogging about her over a year ago. “AOC is Brilliant Charming Sunlight” was one my blog post titles. Through Twitter, she shone the brightest light on the “swamp” that is the insidious corruption of Congress and D.C. generally.

She was the Joan of Arc of American politics. Shining her Torch of Truth on the cesspools in the back halls of Congress, and reforming the corruption just by dint of her light — like how sunlight disinfects bacteria.

In these 22 months, she detailed the insidious pressure she was receiving from party insiders and lobbyists. She was doing her best to ward them off, she assured us.

Just shy of two years later, alas, it would seem that they got to her.

AOC appears all but done as a meme.

It’s breathtaking to think how far and fast she rose on the American and world stage. She was like Icarus flying to the sun. And like Icarus, she’s now falling to earth even faster in a ball of flame (or, in the lingua franca of Twitter, “being ratio-ed”, big time).

But look on the bright side: here was a “normal” person in Washington, fighting for normal things, being shocked like a normal person at the disgusting corruption of Congress, and she was telling us all about it!

Now that they’ve gotten to her just proves the point she was making all along. These are corrupt people who will grind you down until you surrender your human dignity and join them in their cesspool.

As we enter our second month of Covid-19 “shelter at home”, it appears that with her, their efforts finally paid off.

AOC is like that Chinese doctor who discovered Covid-19, tried to warn everyone that it was highly dangerous, then received blow back from the Chinese government who wanted to keep it a secret at first, and ultimately proved his original point by tragically dying of Covid-19.

Didn’t some fellow named Jesus do something analogous once?

Wait, did I just compare AOC to that Chinese doctor hero and Jesus f’n C?

Time to stop blogging.

3 comments on “Look on the Bright Side of AOC

  1. I suspect she will get re-elected.


    • peter
      April 3, 2020

      To her congressional seat? Of course. But the idea of her becoming the successor to Bernie seems pretty much gone now.


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