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On Thugs

/tldr; People make big money on thugs. Same can’t be said for “good” blacks, women, or gays. Coming schism in America. Long version: Given that the #Dallas shooting was about “Black … Continue reading

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On Crazy Shooters

/tldr: “Crazy shooters” shoot their “own people”; militants, revolutionaries, and soldiers shoot “the other”. Long version: Last night, the live reports from the cops in Dallas were about multiple shooters. … Continue reading

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My Problem with Barry

Just read one of the most heart-warming stories about Obama’s presidency: Here are the 61 people whose sentences obama just commuted. The progressive politics behind Obama’s pardons are why I … Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Vote for Donald Trump

tldr California Rising /tldr Long Version (sung to the tune of “John Brown’s Body“): In No-vem-ber of this year I’m gon-na vote for Don-ald Trump, In No-vem-ber of this year I’m gon-na … Continue reading

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Analytical Clarity for Actionable Outcomes

I had an epiphany this week. It’s about the dynamics that underlie my 8 years of consulting work, as well as my intellectual hobbies. I came to this epiphany due to a … Continue reading

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Anger is Hypocrisy

I was going to title this post: “I Must be a Pompous Moron”. But I opted for a more theoretic title, because, well … 🙂 As a 53-year-old, I’ve become … Continue reading

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Our Pathetic Wonderful Christmas

This post is about our family Christmas Day 2015. It’s been a pathetic day. It’s been a wonderful day. How can it be both? It’s been pathetic because our day … Continue reading

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Raising Excellence

This post is about the attempt of my wife and I to breed excellence in our daughter. This is not a “parent bragging” post. Whether our daughter turns out to … Continue reading

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Using the Right Tool

This post is a story about the the cost of using the wrong tool for the job. The story begins during the last week of October. I was on the Greek … Continue reading

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