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The Three American Political Parties

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, what? We have two political parties in America, not three, dufus.”

Oh yeah? I’m writing this post as of 11:27am PST on Saturday, October 19, 2019. Know what is going in America right now?

O(20K) people are gathered right now in Queens, NY, listening to AOC endorse Bernie. This is the Democratic Party of America.

Let the screen shots tell the story of the American zeitgeist in this moment. The first is FoxNews, the propaganda arm of the Republican Party of America.

The remaining screen shots are of that third political party. You know, that icky, amorphous, kind of disgusting, sanctimonious, and generally putrid political party of America. Let’s call them, for lack of an official name, the Icky Party of America.

We have the biggest news story going on right now in America, for this moment right now, and for the future — no matter how this season turns out — and only FoxNews … FoxNews!!! … has the story at the top of their web page.

The Icky Party websites? Crickets ….





New York Times

3 comments on “The Three American Political Parties

  1. Kathy Graham
    October 19, 2019

    I’m not sure I understand your post. Is the third political party the American media? CNN has the Bernie/AOC headline at the top of it’s page and is live streaming it.


    • peter
      October 19, 2019

      Politics is just the power aspect of social values. That is, some people have certain values, other people have other values. Politics is about the police power to enforce those values. With that background, the most important event happening right now in America is being ignored by one set of people who have their values, and their associated police state. They find no interest whatsoever in this event. So by definition, those people versus the people meeting in Queens today have radically different sets of values. And the Queens people are looking to acquire some police power, while likely terrifies the other people. CNN/MSNBC/NPR/NYT: “Maybe if I close my eyes and ears they will just go away.”


  2. Matt Schlegel
    October 19, 2019

    The media studiously ignores Bernie and his movement. Solution? Check out berniepb.com. See you there!


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